Alexis Paige
90s. Red Lipstick. R&B. Leopard print. Pictures I plan on drawing someday.
Don’t tempt me. It’s just my second day! ☕️ (at The Davenport Coffee Lounge)

Representation matters: my five favourite black female fictional lawyers. 
 Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show)
Maxine Shaw (Living Single)
Joan Clayton (Girlfriends)
Jessica Pearson (Suits)
Olivia Pope (Scandal)

Life in general is pretty minimizing because you have a lot of big ideas and you have to battle the mistaken delusions and instability that come with youth. And then watching that just wither away as you become more of a realist is a harrowing experience for any human being. I just think you gotta have a good fucking attitude.


The Temptations rehearsing with Maurice King and Harvey Fuqua. (1960s)
David is so damn cool.

David’s like ‘I don’t need to rehearse’ looool